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What is La Canada Agents?

La Canada Real Estate Agents is a free service for La Canada home buyers andsellers to help you find a top real estate agent specializing in La Canada and HiddenHills. Many people work with average agents and get average results. Our goal isto help you work with the very best agents that know the city so you can make thebest decision with confidence.

You can use La Canada Real Estate Agents by completing a short, simple applicationto help us understand your needs. We then match you with the best real estateagents in La Canada and Hidden Hills. We work the largest Real Estate companies tofind the right agent for you. Finally, you talk with each real estate agent and chooseone that’s right for you.

Does La Canada Real Estate Agents cost anything?

Nope, home buyers and sellers will never pay a dime to La Canada Real EstateAgents. You won’t pay a higher commission to your REALTOR® either. It doesn’tcost anything more to use our service. And, you’ll get to work with a top real estateagent.

What if I don’t live in La Canada or Hidden Hills?

That’s ok! You don’t have to be a resident of La Canada to use our free service. We will help you find the best available La Canada and Hidden Hills real estate agent whether you are a current resident, past resident, or future resident.

Is it really free? Is there a catch?

We are serious, it’s 100% free. But, I bet you’re curious how La Canada Real EstateAgents makes money…

La Canada Real Estate Agents receives a referral fee from your real estate agentafter your home is bought or sold. Real estate agents are used to paying referralfees to other agents, moving companies and other referring parties who refer them

clients. Top ranked real estate agents are happy to pay a referral fee because theydon’t have to spend as much time and money finding new clients. Instead, theycan spend that time making sure that all your needs are met and finding you yourdream home.

How do you decide which agents to work with?

We choose agents by asking several questions, including:

How many homes have they sold recently?

Were their past clients happy with the quality of work?

Are they easy to get in touch with?

How long have they been a REALTOR® in La Canada?

What areas of the communities in La Canada do they know well?

Most of our agents are personally invited to work with La Canada Real EstateAgents. In addition, we never accept payment from real estate agents for aninvitation into our program. We have a long waiting list of top La Canada real estateagents who want to work with clients just like you, so you can bet your agentmatches will be top notch.

What happens after I complete the application?

First, you’ll get a call from someone at La Canada Real Estate Agents and areal human will be on the phone ready to speak with you. We will verify yourinformation in 2 minutes and explain the next steps of the process. After our shortchat, we will match you with top La Canada REALTORS. You’ll be matched with 3,(yes, only 3), agents, so we’ll make sure to choose wisely.

These 3 agents will contact you (usually by phone) and discuss your real estateneeds. You can then meet with each agent and see if they are right for you. Thereis no commitment at all!

Finally, it’s time to pick your agent. You decide which agent to work with and you’redone finding your REALTOR®! From this point on, you and your chosen agent willwork together. We’ll still be here for you, but we’ll leave the nitty gritty to theprofessionals.

What if I still don’t find the right La Canada REALTOR® for me?

If you speak with your agent matches and don’t find one that you think is a goodmatch, just let us know. Let us know what you liked and didn’t like about eachREALTOR® and we can try again.

In the end, if you decide this process just isn’t for you or that you don’t want to buyor sell a home after all, just let us know. We will be sad to see you go, but we willwish you luck and reflect on ourselves to see if we can become better.

Who is La Canada Real Estate Agents anyway?

La Canada Real Estate Agents is a few number crunchers and computer nerds thatlive in La Canada. We love living here and hope you will too!

I’m a real estate professional. Can I partner with La Canada Real EstateAgents?

We accept agent applications on an ongoing basis. Shoot us an email and let usknow why you would be a good fit with La Canada Real Estate Agents. We are greatgroup of people helping home buyers, sellers, and agents with no upfront fees.

How do I receive my “Cash Back” rebate?

1. The cash back rebate is available to LaCanadaRealEstateAgents.com users who use a real estate agent matched by LaCanadaRealEstateAgents.com to buy or sell a home.

2. Users must have been matched with a real estate agent or broker through the LaCanadaRealEstateAgents.com website and used this agent to close a real estate transaction are eligible for this promotion.

3. This promotion is based on a 6% real estate commission, split equally between the listing and buying broker(s). If the actual commission or the commission split differs, your incentive will reflect a similar adjustment. There is no incentive offered for property purchases or sales of less than $100,000.

4. The value of the cash rebate depends on the value of the home that is bought or sold.

5. If you work with your LaCanadaRealEstateAgents.com-matched real estate broker for 2 transactions (for example: selling your house and buying another house), you can earn a rebate on each transaction. The value of the rebate on each transaction may not exceed $1,000.

6. LaCanadaRealEstateAgents.com will send the rebate check to you within 2-4 weeks following receipt of (1) a HUD-1 (closing statement) which states that you used the real estate broker matched to you by LaCanadaRealEstateAgents.com, AND (2) payment of applicable fees by the real estate broker to LaCanadaRealEstateAgents.com. To remain eligible for this promotion, you must send us within 30 days of the closing date of the applicable real estate transaction a copy of your HUD-1 document (you will receive this at closing), your correct mailing address, and your real estate agent’s name to: lacanadarealtors@gmail.com.

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